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TV from the prefectural and municipal building is not very far, just a little less lonely, Gu Chao took out a student card and some information, they waltz to leave. Now this university, teaching is very simple, with a large majority of the content is related to the principle of the party, as the professional knowledge, Gu Chao casual looking through on gains. Especially English, despite the country to promote the reform and opening up, but the English language in some people's eyes, is part of the official language of capitalism, is a symbol of colonial means, so I did not valued, just so thin a situational dialogues only. Gu Chao soon back on the main road, is planning to go to the prefectural there, but to see the bleak sidewalk, Liu Yan stepping on a small purple flat shoes Kaka walked. Look at the face of pace and gloomy expression, about what is not happy. Liu Yan can not depressed. Earlier in the day all the time, Gu Chao had told her that the last level dachangzhen might happen, she is also very prepared, but did not think the town party secretary Wang Dahui actually done so thoroughly. After the first day of the New Year took office, the Vice Minister of the Organization Department of the region led down to the level of a pedestrian dachangzhen, Liu Yan took office as escort. Liu Yan according to level, according to official rules, the Cheng Si is the director of the organization, led by the county she took office, put on a regional approach to this is simply to let Liu Yan Some future work more smoothly, which is used in a potential Language level dachangzhen of you tell the young magistrate in the area is very beautiful attention, is ready to build up a response days are "better educated and younger cadres," the typical, you should pay attention to sectarianism, do not do too much, prefectural face is not so good scraping. Two members of the team in the town party secretary Wang Dahui under the leadership of Deputy Minister expressed a warm welcome pedestrians, and would definitely work with work led to the fastest level dachangzhen poverty. Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of the region down, the district office of the secretary and the mayor also accompany them on Wang Dahui achievements in recent years, said the affirmative, and firmly believe that under the leadership of the new team, flat dachangzhen will continue to step up big step. But Liu Yan did not expect to wait until after the convoy left, in front of Liu Yan Wang Dahui face gave her a blow. "Regional group of cadres do not know how to think, to flat dachangzhen stuffed doll, or a woman! Women to stay at home to wait in relation to man to take care of baby when nothing official." Liu Yan Liu Mei stood at the time they want to argue about with Wang Dahui "Women hold half the sky." Wang Dahui who thought he had finished talking, go directly wandering hands behind back, even the most basic welcoming did not open. Liu Yan forbearance. Wang Dahui After more than fifty years old, and the old secretary, or flat dachangzhen largest royal family patriarch, Liu Yan suffered cold is very common. However, the next few days, the team will be Liu Yan long speech, did not say two words, it was Wang Dahui an "adjournment" to the card in the throat. Liu Yan want to be familiar with the work, to the government team members discussed directly back to a "secretary to make a decision in this matter," not the slightest turn open. Such a treatment, so that Liu Yan how can we not full of grievances. Today she went to the region, is to seek help. Ordinarily this case, Liu Yan Jiao Jiao grievance should go to the district office level dachangzhen belongs, but to her knowledge, the town square this particular case, the district office has basically given up, but in fact flat dachangzhen by Red West German counties and the city cleared both co-management. After all, the town is flat dachangzhen and Orchids historical issues that conflict is not related to a particular province to province, therefore she gave up to go directly to the district office, the county reflect the situation. Find county mayor, the results encouraged each other just a few words to her, suggesting that she did work slowly familiar with the situation, and pointed out that Wang Dahui is an old Pyeongchang, Liu Yan can do a lot to learn again after understanding the specific circumstances of Pingchang action. Secretary does not fit, the mayor would like to move it is difficult. Although the state has made the separation of party and government policies, but it very, very difficult to the grassroots, secretary number one number two which is recognized by the mayor, not out of a policy, you can immediately separated from the party, was deeply entrenched are most in need of change. In the county eat soft nails, Liu Yan not convinced, went to the prefectural directly. Western Qing municipal and prefectural in a city, Liu Yan come naturally to her mother crying. This time, she saw that a new country is flat, flat country but also shows her new steady familiar mainly to do a little work can be postponed, how can so let her depressed? Is it really let the little guy said prospective, went flat dachangzhen, nothing can be done? Wait a little familiar with the situation again intervene? Liu Yan himself down with ambitious, that according to their ability to make some things, mended turned out to be true to the grassroots, the mayor of the town government even if the doors are not! 're Thinking, the just flashed in her mind someone suddenly from a small alley next to jump out at her Ziya music. "Oh, you scared me!" Liu Yan hard patted his chest, mountain snow white clothes jumping under a few. Gu Chao grinning Liezhedazui, mouth sidewalk: "Liu sister, see you face is not very good, is not in the flat dachangzhen wronged, went to her parents to cry foul now?" Liu Yan heart jump, this little guy certainly seems assured himself wronged like. However, in order not wishful thinking Gu Chao played loud clang clang, Liu Yan upturned lips, smiled and said: "Nonsense, I ran to the prefectural project came." Gu Chao suddenly face surprise, disbelief and said: "Oh, sister, you'd pretty much ah, this went flat dachangzhen days ah, there are projects to come prefectural not solve all of the county? It certainly is a major event! Otherwise you gave me about the pictures. " Liu Yan whom angry, she went to the flat dachangzhen even situation are not open all day, just like a small daughter bullied, not to mention the project, and even below the village have not gone! Gu Chao This is purely what pot which does not open the pot, Liu Yan training and preparation of his two mothballs, change the subject and said: "Yes, this is what you go?" Gu Chao shook hands books, replied:. "Chinese New Year in TV reported the name, this is my correspondence to come and collect information on it." Liu Yan smiled and said: "Yes, while working at the level of secretary of the side, while learning the theory of knowledge." Gu Chao Enliaoyisheng, and turned Xipixiaolian said: "Sister, do you really okay?" Inadvertently, Gu Chao's title has changed from "Liu reporter" to "Sister Liu" to "sister", Liu Yan did not feel that there is something wrong. Since Jane Gu Chao saved with farmers, Liu Yan Gu Chao intimate touches many. "What happened, ah, blind children to worry about." Liu Yan laughed very hypocritical, she really did not want to have too much on this issue struggle, continue to change the subject: "You are ready to go to the prefectural reported it just flat secretary? time. " Gu Chao direct shook his head and said: "?! Level clerk gave me leave it there for two days, to see what happened today anxious sister, brother naturally want to be a money dispenser, drink a few glasses of wine with a good sister." Liu Yan surprised endless, people other agency personnel, if the leadership is now named in the side to learn, it is certainly Pidianpidian. 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